G.C. Project

Union Studios Inc. is a U.S. registered ,501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing film, music and internet exposure to individuals, missionaries and organizations who demonstrate ‘acts of kindness’ in an effort to support those in need.

Union Studios Inc, also films medical teams who provide; mobile clinics in remote locations, free surgical procedures, or much needed prescription medications and supplies for local clinics or understaffed hospitals.

Union Studios also showcases construction teams who focus on building projects that improve and/or repair schools, health clinics, hospitals and orphanages.

When churches deploy teams of volunteers to assist in rebuilding broken communities devastated by natural disasters, we document every step they take. This provides the churches the opportunity to share with their supporters the work that was done through their generous donations. They can see firsthand how they are helping to save lives.

Every two months, we plan to visit a different location and film a G.C. Project (Great Commission Project).

If you are looking to be a part of this life changing ministry or would like to donate to this cause, please fill out our contact form. We will then send you a link to view the documentary of the project you are supporting.